Bernardo – 6-year-old

At the request of his mother, the eyes are crossed out as he is a minor.

My son got vaccinated on February 4 2022 and on Friday Bernardito began to have a adverse reaction, his nose became inflamed.

I was forced to call his pediatrician, as i was concerned, the symptoms increased and I did not see any improvement, his eye stared to narrow.

Arriving from the emergency room, he stretched out on the chair and suddenly I looked at him, blood began to come out of his nose, a lot of blood.

I called the doctor again and was told, please, go immediately to the emergency room. He was hospitalized with antibiotics IV.

The doctor told me that my son has infectious cellulitis. My son was always healthy before the vaccine, I strongly believe that the vaccine did this to my son. I will not give him the second dose, my son and I have already suffered enough.

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