Karoliina – Pfizer

I’m Karoliina Karvonen and I am a victim of the vaccine.

I took the first dose of Pfizer on December 29/12/2021.

My underlying diseases include heart failure and scoliosis of the neck. I have been treating my underlying conditions for 15 years with homeopathic remedies and have left out extra medications because I am sensitive to medications. Acupuncture treatment has also helped. I go swimming and walking and work in retail. Swimming is an important part of maintaining my health.

I was nervous of taking the vaccine due to side effects but I still bent on taking it because I could no longer swim without a vaccine passport.

I regret my decision, 2 hours after taking the vaccine, I experienced bad symptoms.

I lost Consciousness twice and I was just laying on the couch and was powerless. Then I got terrible arrhythmias and heart palpitations.

When I woke up in the morning, I was quite sore. Throat swollen and feverish, sore ears. The pain lasted for two and a half months but the heart symptoms continued for more than 4 months.

Getting fit has been such an ordeal. I still haven’t recovered. The rash on my face also spread badly. Now, fortunately, it has calmed down.

I started going to doctors. My blood pressures was measured. I have never had such high blood pressure as I do now.

I went to the lab for blood tests and took a Ct. The laboratory nurse immediately asked if there was a problem with the heart because the machine showed arrhythmias.

The doctor was very rude. Liver values were also elevated which had not happened before. The doctor denied the vaccine was the cause of all this.

When I said that my symptoms started 2 hours after taking the vaccine he said that it is not possible to prove that they are related. When it came to heart arrhythmias and a laboratory heart rate machine the doctor said that none of those machines can be trusted.

Now, fortunately, I feel better even though my heart symptoms are still going on. Maybe not as bad as at first, but they haven’t recovered completely.

I won’t be taking any more covid vaccines.

4 thoughts on “Karoliina – Pfizer

  1. Have you tried a psychotherapist? Serious question. Your symptoms and conditions are very diverse and relentless. The mind is powerful. Consider your childhood.

    1. My simptoms are very real . I still have heart problems becauce of the covid vaxine. You should go to the therapist Youre self.!!!! :/ Seriously I recommend that for You. Just take care of Youre own business You seem total Idiot. 😀 😀 😀

    2. What you have said in this reply is unconscionable. You dismissed everything that she claimed that the vaccine caused as if it were all psychosomatic. You lack compassion, empathy, and you’re extremely insensitive. Perhaps you should consider a therapist…. just sayin.

    3. These jabs are poison and your solution is a psychotherapist? Are you serious?
      Sounds like you need the shrink, not her.
      Go to Bitchute dot com and put in vaccine injuries and you’ll be enlightened to what these jabs are doing to people..

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