Leah is a 49 year old woman. Who was one of the first to get vaccinated and boosted.

She’s been trying to avoid getting covid. But in her own words “it got me and got me bad”.

On friday Leah worked all day. She stared to feel bad that night and at 2am vomited multiple times. She was having difficulty walking.

By saturday afternoon she couldn’t catch her breath and had difficulty breathing. Leah’s family decided to take her to the hospital were they discovered she had blood clots in her hand.

She was put on a ventilator and underwent 2 surgeries for the cloths.

Leah was told she will need her hand to be amputated. She is hoping it will only be the fingers. Unfortunately we don’t have any updates of Leah since May.

We can assume Leah got tested for covid at the hospital and was told she’s positive. Its unfortunate that people like Leah don’t connect the dots to the vaccine.

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  1. Thanks but no thanks for that deadly injection….. if I had to die it will be without the vaccine…..

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