Maite – 8 Year Old From Chile With Significant Heart Damage Following Sinovac COVID Vaccine

On Wednesday, October 27 2021, Tatiana’s 7-year-old daughter, Maite (who is 8 years old now), was vaccinated with her second dose of the Sinovac vaccine and ended up hospitalized for a week.

Now Tatiana, must take her daughter to Santiago, where she will see a specialist with the possibility of an surgery, and potentially to have a pacemaker installed.

“It was the State that gave my daughter heart problems. The vaccine is supposed to be safe and the Government is supposed to make a reliable vaccine for children, but it turns out that they’re flawed.”

Maite not only has tachycardia , but also arrhythmia with the possibility of a thrombosis, and all because of the vaccine. Maite’s mother intends on suing the state, because they did this to her previously healthy girl.

This is a story no parent wants to tell. But she’s telling it so no other family goes through the same thing.

“All because of the vaccine. My daughter was a completely healthy, normal little girl.”

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